Heroes of Might and Magic IV

Heroes of Might and Magic IV 3.5

Heroes 4 was obviously underfunded the game release was dellayed significantly

First of the saga created in 3D, this fourth release leaves aside the storyline of its predecessors and creates a completely new world, with new rules regarding the schools of magic. It is also the first to depart from the traditional mechanics of the series in three fundamental points:
a) the creatures do not follow the heroes blindly any more: now they can go across the map in groups or in individually, without being commanded by anyone. This facilitates the control and protection of resources (mines) and also the movement of troops;
(b) the hero participates in the battles just as another creature. If you lose the hero, the creatures that received their orders are spread along the map but remain in your possession;
c) it is no longer possible to create structures to generate creatures in every castle, but the player has to choose a specific "route" construction that annuls the rest.
This game has two expansions packs:
*Winds of war. Six campaigns and 25 new scenarios.
*The Gathering storm. Six campaigns and thirty new scenarios.

Mariano Delgado
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  • Good 3D graphics


  • Really poor AI
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